Know The Basics About Sodium Fluoride

It is pretty much well known to everyone that Sodium Fluoride Powder is nothing but an inorganic salt. To receive a germ-free water fluoride powder gets used rapidly by the Municipal houses. Municipal houses have to send in harmless water to their people to not get sick by consuming the unpurified water. The molecular formula of the sodium fluoride is NaF or FNa. Sodium Fluoride has multiple synonyms by which it gets known to the people.

Properties Of Sodium Fluoride

The molecular weight of the Sodium Fluoride is approximately about 42g/mol. The fluoride doesn’t have any hydrogen bond donor count but has a single hydrogen bond acceptor count. Also, there is a total absence of the Rotatable bond count. If you want to know the exact mass, it is 41.988172 g/mol, and the monoisotopic mass is also the same as the exact mass. The sodium fluoride can get readily soluble into the water and dissolves in ethanol too. It doesn’t have any taste, and it is available in a solid-state or powder or crystals. Sodium Fluoride Crystals or powder has a melting point of 993°C and a boiling point of 1695°C; in this context, we should mention that Sodium Fluoride is Non-combustible. The sodium fluoride corrodes only with the help of the Alumunium. An individual should keep the fluoride safe in a portion away from sunlight and in the shade. Also, when you’re not using it, please keep it away from water, or else it will dissolve with the water.

Uses Of Sodium Fluoride

An average human being should consume 3mg of Sodium and Fluoride per day for their health. But a normal being cannot take sodium and fluoride directly as it is hazardous. People can consume it from the toothpaste and from the water which we drink. Fluoride helps prevent the decay of the tooth and destroys the bacteria spread around your dental area. It is always advised not to eat up or drink or swallow fluoride as it can cause you significant problems like vomiting, pain in the stomach, etc.


Too much sodium fluoride can make your teeth red, but fluoride helps you digest your daily food. Sodium fluoride price is not very high and is readily available everywhere.