Demands For Sodium Fluoride

Sodium Fluoride is a white colorless water-soluble crystal that has a relative density of 2.558. On the other hand, it is an important chemical for several industries like Metallurgical plants, Pesticide industries, water plants, etc.


Demands for Sodium Fluoride:


In the industrial line, there is a high demand for Sodium Fluoride because it is a necessary element for many industries’ production processes. Many sodium fluoride manufacturers in the world produce this precious chemical, and the sodium Fluoride suppliers supply this chemical to the industries that need it.


Along with industrial demands, Sodium Fluoride has a high demand in our daily life.


  • Sodium Fluoride is mixed in a trace amount with the water we drink because Fluoride strengthens our teeth. Except that it aids the formation process of Fluorapetite (a naturally occurring compound in our teeth’ enamel) in our teeth.
  • Nowadays, doctors also recommend Sodium Fluoride for Osteoporosis patients because it increases bone density and reduces frailty. Thus, sodium Fluoride reduces the chances of bone fracture.
  • We eat several types of vegetables. If we consume vegetables that contain pests (insects) inside of them, it may cause several disorders in our body. For this reason, the farmers use pesticides to kill the pests. These pesticides contain sodium Fluoride inside of them.
  • Sodium Fluoride is a necessary inorganic compound for pigmentation in the ceramic industry. The ceramic industry produces teacups, tea plates, etc.
  • Toothpaste also contains Sodium Fluoride is a trace amount.


Sodium Fluoride possesses industrial demands as well as other demands which lie in several other fields. The manufactures produce Sodium Fluoride for sale. The price rate varies with different manufacturers.


Packaging of sodium Fluoride:


There are many systems to pack the sodium fluoride powders. Each bag contains 25 kg of Sodium Fluoride.


  • The bags should be double woven. It will give provide an ultra-protection to the materials inside of it.
  • The inner packing of the bag should be a polyethylene plastic film.
  • The outer covering must be a polypropylene plastic woven bag.




The demands have proved the importance of sodium fluoride in the industrial fields as well as in our daily life. It may seem to be such a tiny inorganic particle, but the tiny particle has a huge impact on our society. For our human civilization, Sodium Fluoride is a boon of chemical science. Check for more details.